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I just wanna share some good points that I got from Leslie Ludy's book "Authentic Beauty" (pg. 189-196) about practical steps for cultivating intimacy with our Heavenly Prince. It has blessed me a lot! So please read it and then, let's do it! ;)

Practical Steps for Cultivating Intimacy with Our Prince:

* Becoming a Student of His Word

When I began to pursue deeper intimacy with my Prince, I realized that one of the best ways to get to know Him better was to get to know His Word better. Instead of just picking out a few random Scriptures here and there to study, I decided I needed a much better understanding of the entire Bible as a whole. At first this was an intimidating prospect. The Bible was a huge book, full of confusing language that I didn't know if I could understand. A good deal of it seemed incredibly dry and boring. But it occurred me that since every word in the Bible was a word scripted by my Prince, then none of it was unimportant - every page expressed a significant aspect of His nature and character.

I began to pour myself into the study of His Word. I realized that I needed to set aside far more than five or ten minutes a day to truly study the Bible. Even though I had to get up extra early, I began to devote at least an hour or two each morning to reading, studying, and meditating on Scripture. Every time I opened the Bible to read, my focus was to gain a deeper understanding of the nature and character of my Prince. I grew so much closer to Him, and came to know Him so much better, through filling my mind and heart with His eternal Word.

* Developing the Art of Journaling

As I sought to pursue deeper intimacy with my Prince, I realized that often, when I tried to pray to Him or even to ponder what I had been learning in His Word, my mind would wander distractedly. My tendency toward distraction was becoming a huge source of frustration to me. Then I read a book that inspired me to begin journaling the prayers, thoughts, questions, and insights I had received from Scripture. So I bought a simple spiral notebook and decided to give it a shot.

Instead of just saying my prayers, I began writing them down, like personal letters to my Prince. Instantly, I felt the incredible difference it made in my intimacy with Him. I also began to feel closer to my Prince. Journaling also helped me hear His voice more clearly by capturing His gentle nudges to my heart on paper.

For me, keeping a journal is still a crucial part of nurturing intimacy with my Prince. Every day after spending time reading His Word, I spend focused period of time writing (or typing) prayers to Him. An added benefit is being able to look back over so many years of journal entries and clearly see how faithfully my Prince has answered my prayers, gently taught me unforgettable lessons, and tenderly shaped me more and more into His lily-white likeness.

* Discovering Christian Literature

When I first began to nurture deeper itimacy with my Prince, the books that were the greatest help to me along the way were Christian biographies. Reading about the struggles and triumphs and laughter and tears and valleys and victories of the men and women that had gone before me in this journey was both comforting and inspiring. When I began to discover these kinds of books, it was like having my own personal league of mentors whom I deeply respected and admired.

Through each page I read, these amazing men and women cheered me on, encouraged me, and gave me profound insights about living a set-apart life for my Prince. Whenever I found myself wanting to slip back into the mediocre existence of the world around me, these men and women reminded me not to settle, not to pitch my tent, but to keep pressing forward into the endless frontier of knowing Him.

"The (one) who would know God must give time to Him."

(A. W. Tozer)

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