6 Years of THE PRESENT

Happy 6th Birthday to my blog! Hehe..

Aku mau bersyukur sama Tuhan buat adanya blog THE PRESENT ini sampe saat ini. It really helps me a lot (terutama sejak aku pindah ke Melbourne, jauh dari keluarga and temen-temen) to share my life story and to share what God has done in my life to others. Salah satu cara yang Tuhan pake untuk aku tetep bisa melayani orang-orang yang jauh di sana.. :)

Sama seperti tahun lalu, kalo ada kesaksian / feedback mengenai blog ini, please leave a comment or lewat email juga bisa ke mizz_purplezz@yahoo.com, terutama kalo boleh aku pengen denger "suara" dari para silent readers selama ini, supaya bisa sekalian kenalan juga, hehe..

Thank YOU for following and reading this blog.. To GOD be the glory!

Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy after having an experience of miscarriage is not easy, especially if it happened to your first one. You will struggle with a fear of loss. Some people maybe even decided that they don't want to get pregnant anymore. And a lot of people keep saying to me, "You have to be more careful this time, because you had miscarriage before."

But during this 2nd pregnancy, I can feel how God always strengthen me through His words. One thing that I believe, God has a special plan and a special purpose for every pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. Your 2nd pregnancy is not gonna be the same as your 1st one.. And your 3rd pregnancy is not gonna be the same as your 1st or 2nd one.. For example, in my 1st pregnancy I never had morning sickness at all. But now in my 2nd pregnancy, I can get morning sickness almost everyday. In my 1st pregnancy there were 2 sacks but only 1 baby in my womb. Now in my 2nd pregnancy there is only 1 sack and 1 baby.. Every pregnancy and every baby is unique :)

Last week my husband and I had a little chat with Ps. Glenn Maloney from Canberra. We told him about my pregnancy and also my experience of miscarriage. Before he prayed for us, he shared to us a story about one lady who had experience miscarriage 10 times! (Yes.. 10 times!! Wow..) But then, this couple came to Ps. Glenn and they prayed together. Not long after that, they were expecting and now they are having a baby boy :) Praise the Lord! There is always a new hope in Jesus! Nothing is impossible in Him.. That's why we need to live in faith, not in fear, and don't live in the past.. Because God has prepared something new for us.. AMEN!

Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

For all the wives and moms who is also struggling in the same thing right now, let's overcome our fears together and let's walk by faith in Him. God bless you and your pregnancy.. xoxo

Expecting Another Miracle ♡

Hello all! Finally I'm back to the blogger's world :)

These last 2 months I've been really busy with my study.. But thanks God, by His grace, everything is almost done. I'm so grateful to have a God and a husband who always support me, especially in the time when I almost gave up. Hopefully after this I can have more time to write my blog again.. Yay! :p


This year is truly a year of miracle for me and my husband. As all of you know (I assume that all of you have read the story about Our Little Miracle, who is in Heaven now with Jesus) 5 months ago we had to surrender our first child to Jesus. It wasn't an easy moment, but it was a very precious moment between me, God and my husband. An unforgetable one!

And yes, right now we are expecting another miracle from God.. Miracle is going to have a sibling :) We are so happy and excited about it! We already had the first USG this week and listened to the baby's heartbeat.. We were so amazed to see how God created a very strong heartbeat in a such tiny little baby.. There is a miracle inside me :) We love you, baby.. xoxo

"After having an experience of miscarriage, do you feel worry about your 2nd pregnancy?" Of course yes.. But once again, I have to always remind myself that this baby is not mine. Everything that I have belongs to God and He is the One who is in control of everything. This kind of thinking can make us still and rest in Him :)

So, please support my 2nd pregnancy in your prayer..

God is good all the time.. And all the time God is good.. 

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