Our Wedding Highlight

So, finally! Here is our wedding highlight video!

I really couldn't wait to see this video.. and finally yesterday Faz (the camera man and the video-maker) sent this link to my email! I was so excited and then I watched it together with DM last night :) Thanks so much Faz and the team! You guys did a wonderful job! I have watched it many times and still wanna watch it again and again :p

I hope through this video you will see not only about me or DM.. Yes of course, we love one another (hehe..) but there is a greater love between us that has brought us together.. it is the love of our wonderful Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.. Love that never fails..

May this video be a blessing to everyone who watch it and will glorify His name.. Amen! ^^



  1. Ci Cella, I even can feel God's goodness through watching this! May God always bless your marriage so that it can be a blessing to many marriage and to everyone ^^



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