Are you a perfectionist? Are you a type of person who always want everything to be perfect?

Yes, I am one of them... I am a type of person who always want my house to be clean (not only clean, but very very clean) and organized. I am a type of person who always double check everything that I write, everything that I read and everything that I do (my husband knows that I will always double check our front doors and garage to make sure they are locked every night, or even when I leave the house :p) I am a type of person who always have an agenda, goals and to-do-list everyday.

I know, there are few good things about being perfectionist.. but we really have to be careful with this perfectionism.

Perfectionists tend to be harsh critics of themselves when they fail to meet their standards. When perfectionists do not reach their goals, they often fall into depression. -Wikipedia

Sometimes I really need to remind myself that it's okay not to be perfect. And actually the truth is, none of us can be perfect.. nobody is perfect.. and there is no perfect life or a perfect job. The One who is perfect is only God himself.

Few days ago, my husband asked me to listen to this program that he listened on a radio. He knows that at that time I was really struggled with my perfectionism. And what they discussed on the radio, it is truly me! I have let my life to be driven by my perfectionism and it makes me stress. Trying to be perfect in everything is a very tiring job.

Focus on the Family – 20/05/15: Ending the Pursuit of the Perfect Life – Part I

Focus on the Family – 21/05/15: Ending the Pursuit of the Perfect Life – Part II

Through this radio program, God reminds me that actually He never expect me to be perfect (because He knows that I can't and I would never be..) but He wants me to depend on Him and surrender my life to Him. My husband also said to me that he never expect me to be a perfect wife.. "I want you to be a woman that God created you to be," that's what he said. So why do I need to push myself so hard to be perfect?

These days, it is very easy for us to be intimidated by others. For example, through social media.. people will always post something nice about themselves, about their family, their marriage, their house, what they have.. and everything looks perfect! We will see that they have a perfect life and we wish that we could have that too.. But don't be intimidated by that.. remember that there is no perfect life, and everyone also has gone through a hard times and hard seasons in their life.

Now look at yourself, be grateful with your life, with all that you have and all that you have done. You don't need to be perfect and try to impress people. You are good enough. And God loves you just as who you are..

God made my life complete
when I placed all the pieces before him.
- Psalm 18:20, MSG

So... Being driven by perfectionism or being led by God? It is your choice.. :)


  1. Hey I think you make a really good point about perfectionism. I have been dealing with this for my whole life, too haha. I am studying Theology now and I remembered once I met my lecturer (he is also my pastor) to tell him, "Oh I can't finish my assignment but it's due today!" And he was like, "Well you can submit it next week, you only get 10% penalty. And studying theology is not about mark, so don't stress about this." I didn't want to get 10% penalty but I also didn't want to get bad mark by writing in hurry, so I just realized that he made sense. Then I told him, "Maybe because I am perfectionist!", and he said, "Maybe that's what God wants to teach you."

    Keep writing, I enjoy reading your blog.



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