Run Your Own Race

Last weekend I joined 2 days women conference that hosted by Enjoy Church called Adore Conference. I really had a great time there and I could feel that God recharged my spirit. There were 5 great sessions in that conference that led by Georgie Baxter, Lisa Bevere and Lisa Kai.

I can't share to you all what I have learned from those 5 sessions (I've learned a lot!) But I remember in one of the sessions, Ps. Lisa Kai talked about "Run Your Own Race". What does it mean?


We are as a human (especially as a woman), we are tend to compare ourselves to others. We are tend to compare our look, our personality, our status, our talent and even our ministry to others. "Oh.. why I can't be like that woman.." "Why I'm not as beautiful as her.." "Why I can't preach or sing like she does.." and so on.. We want to be in other people's race and we forget that actually God has given us our own race!

You are unique.. yes.. you are different than others.. and God has set a special plan for your life.. Run your race and you can encourage others to run their race as well.. Don't be jealous and don't compete with others.. Find out what God wants personally from your life and do it with your best!


I know it was a very simple message, but without realizing we are struggling with it in our everyday life. We live in a "social media" generation and sometimes it can be like a competition.. how many followers do you have, how many likes and thumbs-up do you get, how many friends do you have on facebook.. and actually through those things, we keep following others and we want to be like others or more than them. Are you agree with me? I don't blame social media, haha.. Honestly, there were times when I almost want to deactivate all of my social media.. But I decided not to do that, why? Because I know God still want me to use it to glorify His name and to encourage others to run their own race :)

There is only one Marcella Flaorenzia in this whole world, I want to run my race and finish it well. There is only one YOU in this whole world. Run your own race and finish it well. For His glory.

Don't compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. -Galatians 6:4-5, MSG


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