Diamond In The Rough

This morning I had a devotion from "Wife After God" book by Jennifer Smith. And I wanna share to you a bit, what she said in the chapter that I read about Diamond In The Rough...


Diamonds have always been treasured as highly sought after gemstones throughout human history. They are resilient, strong, and beautiful. Diamonds are formed beneath the weight of the world. Despite the harsh conditions required to form a diamond, its name is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning unbreakable.

You are like a diamond; however, your worth is far greater! As you journey through life you will endure harsh conditions. There are so many different pressures that you may face daily. Pressures to be better, to be a superwoman, a wife that manages perfectly or a mom who does it all. Ridicule, rules, standards, and unrealistic expectations: chains wrapped around your heart, pushing against your soul, forcing you to conform to the world.

However, that is not the message found in the love story of Christ! Rather, His love says you are worth more and with Him you are unbreakable!

Like a diamond endures through time resulting in an exqusite sought after gem, you can endure every season and circumstance allowing each one to refine you, resulting in an exquisite God-fearing woman who is worthy, far more than diamonds, you are worthy! You are resilient, you are strong, you are beautiful!


Dear Lord,

There are so many pressures in my life. I feel heavy burdens at times and I also feel insecure that I don't always measure up to people's standards. I pray that you remind me daily to find hope in you, to rely on you and to trust what you say about me. Your opinion is truly the only one that matters!

Thank you for being my source of strength to persevere, my everything. May you continue to transform me into the woman you created me to be. Help me to see myself as beautiful. May your Holy Spirit guide me through every season, every circumstance, every pressure and every moment of intensity.

I pray that I can be a wife who endures for the sake of her marriage. Please bless my husband and release him of the burdens of this world. In Jesus' name, AMEN!

The pressure of this world cannot destroy me if I place my hope in God.


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