Our Love Story (Summary)

We wrote this summary special for all of you who can’t understand Indonesian :)

This story is about one girl, named Marcella (Cella) who lives in Jakarta. She surrendered her life to Jesus when she was 12 years old and she made a commitment to not making relationship with any guys until she is really ready to get married. She only wants to make a relationship with one guy (the Godly one) in her life time, and that guy will be her husband :)

During her “single” times, she kept focusing her life to God and to serve the people. There was a time when she also felt lonely and worried about her future spouse, but God always strengthened her and put faith in her heart. She believes that God has prepared the right man for her and they will meet in the right time. She likes to write a letter and also a prayer for her future husband. And God does answer her prayer!

In the beginning of 2012, when Cella was asking God about her life calling, God put a big desire and passion in her heart to do mission and to bless the nations. God opened the door for her (through some friends) to join a mission trip to Cambodia. Before the trip, she got connected with the leader of this mission team who lives in Australia. His name is DM (Daniel Martin). They had never known each other before.

DM was 33 years old at that time, and he also never been in a relationship with any girls before. He has a great heart and passion for a mission, especially in Cambodia since 2006. He also believed that God knows the best and has prepared someone out there for him :)

One day, during the mission trip, when Cella was having a devotional time in the morning, she opened her Bible and this one verse came out:

“It’s better to have a partner than go it alone.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9, MSG)

She was very surprised! “God, what does it mean?” She felt that God wanna say something related to her future life partner, and she asked God for a sign. Actually, she already had DM’s name in her heart at that time, but she was not sure yet.

Few days after that, God really shown His sign to Cella through the pastors (Ps. Edu and Ps. Elly). On the way back from one village to the city, Cella sat beside Ps. Elly, and suddenly she whispered to Cella: “It’s ok if you will get angry with me... but please don’t tell this to anyone... I wanna tell you that... I WANT YOU TO PRAY FOR... DM!”

WOW! Cella was speechless and didn’t know what to say... but deep in her heart, she knew that this is the sign from God and she started to pray for DM.

DM also has another story... At the last ministry that they had in one of the villages, there something happened in his mind when he saw Cella doing her things with the children. He can have this thought: “gosh... this girl was good dealing with children, I wish I could have that kind of character in my future wife…”

That was his simple wish... but he was surprised when suddenly Ps. Edu and Ps. Elly called him to their room and then they mentioned Cella’s name for him to pray over. And then he said, “Yes, I will pray for her...”

After the mission trip, DM stayed in Jakarta for about a week and met Cella couple times. He also invited Cella to come to his sister’s wedding and introduced her to his family. Before he went back to Australia, he decided to talk to Cella and asked her about the future of their relationship. She was ok with that, but she asked time to test and pray. Then, they decided to take 3 months of prayer time and used that time to get to know more about each other. They also shared about this to their parents, pastors, mentors and asked them to support in prayer.

Finally, after 3 months... 11-11-12, on that special date... Cella gave her answer to DM... and she said... “YES!” Woohoo! Wow... They are in a relationship now! And they are not single anymore :p Praise the Lord! So, since that day, they started to be in LDR (Long Distance Relationship). LDR is not always easy. They faced so many trials and challenges, especially in communication. But they always believe that love never fails... :)

In December 2012, DM gave a very special surprise for Cella. He flew back to Jakarta without telling her. He suddenly appeared right beside her when she was having dinner in one restaurant with DM’s family. He also gave her a bouquet of purple flowers and then introduced himself to Cella’s parents. What a surprise! :)

After few months in a relationship, they decided their wedding date (February 8th, 2014) and also decided to write this book. Cella always had a dream to write a book about her love story with her future husband, and to make that book as a wedding souvenir... and here it is... her dream does come true! God has written a beautiful love story for them... and through this book, we can see how faithful our God is and He never break his promises. Amen! :)

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