3 Days in Vietnam

After mission trip, Natasha and I (and Phanet, my Cambodian friend) took a short trip to Siem Reap just to see Angkor Wat (niat banget ya, haha..) Actually it takes about 5-6 hours to get there from Phnom Penh.. But there was something error with the bus, the AC also turned off (sauna gratis.. huff..) so it took about 8 hours! But we were okay and still excited to see Angkor Wat and night market in Siem Reap :) Thanks Phanet for guiding us!

We spent one night there and the next day, in the morning, Natasha and I continued our journey to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! Woohoo! We spent almost whole day in the bus, haha.. It took more than 12 hours! We arrived there at night and stayed in a nice hotel called "Blue Diamond".. (fyi, in Vietnam, you have to be really careful with the taxi driver.. because there are so many illegal taxi and they will charge you a very high price.. "Vinasun" taxi is the good one)

So, the 1st day in Ho Chi Minh, we did a city tour.. We walked to The Reunification Palace (President's Palace), Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office.. After that, we went to the mall to meet our new Vietnamese friends.. Their names are Tram and Treng.. 2 wonderful young ladies who also have a heart for mission.. So grateful to know them! And so glad that they can speak English well, because most of the Vietnamese don't speak English.. so hard to communicate with people in Vietnam, different than in Cambodia..

Anyway, these 2 girls really spent their time to be with us for the whole 3 days! They are awesome! They took us to some great places to eat, shopping, taking pictures, and we didn't need to pay for the taxi because both of them have motor bikes! (jadi kita naik motor terus selama di sana, hihi..) Really fun! :)

The 2nd day, it was Sunday and we went to Treng's church.. Vietnamese church service! Haha.. Very interesting and exciting! We didn't understand the language, but we really enjoyed the service.. What a great experience.. After that, we went to Opera House and City Hall just to take some pictures, had lunch (Pho and Broken Rice! Yumm..) and visited War Remnants Museum (to see history about Vietnam War) Then, we ate again! Haha.. (makan mulu kerjaannya :p) At night, we asked Tram and Treng to pray together in our hotel room.. 4 of us sat together, shared about our lives, encouraged and prayed for each other.. It was sooo beautiful! Now I realized why God took Natasha and I to Vietnam.. It's not just about holiday, but God wanted us to meet them, make connection with them and bless them!! Thanks God :)

The last day, we took a half-day tour to Guchi Tunnel.. That's also a historical place of Vietnam War.. We went down into the tunnel and could experience how it feels.. After that, we spent our last hours with the girls, last shopping (haha..), packed our stuff and ready to go home.. But you know what, we almost missed the flight!! Wew.. We didn't realize that it was almost boarding time and we still had dinner and talked with the girls outside.. So, we ran into the gate as fast as we could ;p Short story, we didn't miss the flight! Haha.. Praise God! Really unforgetable moment! LOL

We arrived safely in Jakarta at midnight with a tired body, but with a grateful heart :) Thanks God for this beautiful experience, for the new friendship and also for His protection upon us.. God is good all the time!

*This post is dedicated to Tram and Treng :)

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