Prayer For My Fiance

One of the most important things that has to be in every relationship is a PRAYER. Apalagi buat para pasangan yang LDR, yang ketemunya jarang-jarang, gak selalu tau kondisi doi di sana lagi gimana, or kalo lagi kangen... kadang yang bisa dilakuin yah berdoa :) Doa bareng di telepon or doa sendiri-sendiri setiap hari di rumah...

Tadi aku lagi iseng-iseng aja search di google tentang "a prayer for fiance", and di antara semua artikel yang nongol, ada satu doa yang bagus, but judulnya "a prayer for my boyfriend" hehe... Btw, mungkin kalian bingung ya... Fiance?! Emang sejak kapan kalian tunangan?! Yup, kita nanti baru mo tunangan secara resmi di bulan Oktober :) Loh kok bilangnya udah jadi fiance?! Jadi ceritanya, waktu baru awal jadian, aku kan masih sering tuh sebutin DM is my boyfriend (alias pacar), but lucunya... si DM selalu bilang that Cella is my fiancee... Sejak itu aku juga jadi ikut manggil dia my fiance, haha... karena agak janggal juga rasanya kalo sebut dia as my boyfriend, cos dari awal tujuan kita emang langsung serius buat married, bukan pacaran :p Ntar pacarannya after kita married aja yaa, wkwkwk... 

But anyway, aku tetep bisa pake doa ini buat doain si DM juga :) It's a beautiful prayer...


Lord, thank you for the guy that I get the privilege of calling mine.  You have spoken over us, changed us, and blessed us.  You thrill us, Lord, with all you have done.  We will forever sing for joy because of what you have done in our lives (Psalm. 92:4)!  Thank you for how You have worked in us.  Thank you for giving us another opportunity to trust You more.  You are so worthy.  You are so sovereign. 

I am so thankful for how you have used DM in my life.  Because of his faith in You and his decision to walk in your magnificent light, I am encouraged to follow him hard after You.  Thank you for his determination to grow and to seek You with his life.  I’ll be more than willing to trust him with our family one day.

Give him strength today, Lord.  Help him to keep his mind set on you, because You will keep him in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).  Give him the courage to stand up for you no matter the cost and encourage him to always walk with integrity.  Captivate him with Your Presence, Jesus.  I pray that he feels more of You.

I desire for us to live a life that shows your faithfulness.  Lord, help us to lay down our plans, dreams, and desires so that others will know our help comes from the Lord alone.  Remind us that we can do nothing without You. 

Give him more grace today.

Give him more peace.

Pour Your Spirit into him and speak through him, Jesus.

Give him more strength.

Give him more courage.

Give him more discernment.

Give him more wisdom and more knowledge.

Give him more trust.

Give him more of You.

Fill him up, Jesus.  I pray that he would lay his life at your feet today.

Be near, Jesus.

“The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.’”

Psalm 32:8


Praying for you, DM! I feel so grateful to have you in my life...
The LORD loves you so much, and so do I :)
I am with you!

- cella


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