15 years ago...

I don't have a specific date when I received Jesus Christ in my heart.. My relationship with Him just goes naturally.. I have become a Christian since I was born, and I always joined in a Sunday School.. But I remember when I was a little kid, there was a time when I started questioning about God.. I kneeled in front of a little cross at my house and I asked, "God, are You real? Jesus, do You really exist?"

Then, when I was in a junior high school (I was about 11-12 years old), my brother asked me to join in a youth service.. Through that church and that community, I started to know and grow deeply in God.. I started to experience Him in my personal life as my True Lord and Savior.. So, 15 years ago.. on Feb 8th 1998, I got baptized.. and I acknowledge that date as my anniversary date with God :)

Happy 15th Anniversary Dear God! Thank You for being so faithful! When I woke up this morning and when I was thinking about everything that You have done in my life these past 15 years, I only could say.. "How Great You Are!!" and suddenly, this one song came out in my mind.. Let this song be my prayer to You O God.. "I will live to love You.. I will live to bring You praise.." 

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PS: Beside that, tanggal 8 Feb juga jadi salah satu tanggal yang special karena tepat taon lalu (pas anniversary kita yang ke-14) pagi-paginya, DM added my Facebook and itu pertama kalinya we got connected to each other and started the friendship (meskipun blom ketemu orangnya waktu itu, haha..) So I can say, he is a gift.. he is the present from God :)


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