Love Letter from GOD

I got this image (via BBM) from a friend yesterday, and when I read it... wow... serasa kayak Tuhan sendiri yg nulis and ngirim tuh surat ke aku, haha.. (Thanks Arlia for sharing this one to me :)) That's why, aku juga pengen share ini ke kalian, khususnya buat para single ladies yang maybe lagi struggling soal Pasangan Hidup.. Supaya bisa terus bersabar and tetep beriman di masa-masa penantian.. Supaya gak menyerah dan tetep menunggu dengan setia sampai Tuhan kirim pria yang terbaik untuk masuk ke dalam kehidupanmu :) God loves you so much.. You are His Princess.. And He knows what is BEST for you!

My dear one,

No man can ever claim you

unless he claims you from Me.

I reserved a man for you

who has My heart

and loves Me more

than he will love you.

Soon you will know him.

I have the perfect time

You are My Princess,

My daughter

Let no prince claim you

unless he asks you from

My hand

for I am your Father,

the King of kings.

You, My Princess,

are worth loving

and deserve a prince.



Notes: and for every single man, it's important to know that if you want to get the heart of a Princess, you have to get close to the Father :)

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  1. hehehehe, dah pernah dapat ini, tapi tiap baca lagi, dikuatin lagi, berasa banget dicintai sama our Father in heaven ^^ Thank's for tagging me ya...??^^

  2. Waow... :) How awesome is our God..


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