My Farewell ^^

I got another favor from God...!!!
I'm going to US next Tuesday and will be staying in Ohio for 1 year as an IVEP (International Volunteer Exchange Program) participant...
I'll be working in a church and also in a coffee shop...

I'm gonna miss my home town so much, but i'm also excited to meet new people and be a blessing in a new place...

Special thanks to all of my friends in Jakarta (especially JKI Galilea and R4J), you guys are the best!
Thanks for all your presents, caring, prayers, supports and your huge love... I'm speechless...

I just can say THANK YOU! God bless you all... :)

THANK YOU...!!! ^^


  1. We are counting the days until your arrival! Hope your journey goes well! Much, much love from your Ohian family.

  2. Thank you so much.. I'm in Akron, PA right now and so excited to meet you next week.. See you :)


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