Pippies in XO

This time I want to post my husband's cooking.. Pippies in XO sauce! Nyumm.. Honestly, I've never had and never tried to eat Pippies before :p There's always a first time for everything, hehe..

Last Sunday we went to Venus Bay (about 2 and a half hour from our house) with some friends to find these fresh pippies on the beach. It wasn't an easy job, lol. But finally we could get around 2 liters pippies :)

My husband cooked it just with a simple ingredients (that we have at home) and also with a fresh silverbeet that he planted on our backyard. What a fresh meal :)

So, here is how he cooked it...


Red shallots
XO sauce*

How to Make
  • Heat oil over high heat, add shallots, garlic and ginger.
  • Add XO sauce. (You also can add salted black beans if you like).
  • Add pippies, cover and cook until the shells open.
  • Add silverbeet.
  • Ready to serve :)

*XO sauce is made from dried seafood such as scallops and chilli; available from Asian grocery stores.


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