Flat Stanley Visits Cambodia

Okay.. let me continue my story..

After visiting Vietnam, we took about 6 hours by bus from Saigon, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.. We did a city tour and then went to another city called Siem Reap to see the most famous temple and the largest one in Cambodia called Angkor Wat.. Actually, we also went to some historical places in Phnom Penh, but sorry I didn't take a picture over there.. I think it's too dangerous and scary for the kids..

Anyway, we only spent about 3 days in Cambodia, but I really had a great time :)

Independence Monument, Phnom Penh
Royal Palace, Phnom Penh
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap
Met some new friends in Angkor Wat.. haha..
Their public transportation called "Tuk-tuk"

Beside the city tour, I also joined Marcella to do children ministry in a place called Kampung Chnang.. wow, there are so many kids live in there.. We gave them food, milk, snack and also vitamin :)

I have Cambodian friends.. yay! :D

Last thing that you have to know.. There are so many exotic food in Cambodia.. I'm not brave enough to try those food.. I even didn't want to touch them, haha.. but at least, I could take a picture with them :p

Fried Spiders
You wanna try? :p
Fried Cockroaches
Fried Crickets

Ok, I think this is the end of my story.. we went back to Vietnam by bus, stayed about 2 more days in Vietnam and then went back to Jakarta.. I really enjoyed this 10 days trip :) Now, I have to go back to my home town in Ohio, USA and share this story to them.. Hope I will see you again next time, Marcella.. God bless you! ^^

With Love,

Flat Stanley


  1. cici ini flat stanley apaan sihh?? aku kaya pernah tau dehh.hehehe.

  2. @Kezia baca di post aku yg sblmnya Kez, ada ceritanya.. Yg Flat Stanley Visits Indonesia.. Ato search di google jg byk :)

  3. that fried cockroach looks so crispyyyy... tapiiii eeeewwwwww >.<

  4. @Dhieta hahaha.. lucu deh mereka makan kecoa kayak makan kuaci.. Dikupas dulu kulitnya, hihi..

  5. Hi Marcella! This is Mrs. Minnis along with Andrew Schneider and his classmates from Dover, Ohio. We really enjoyed receiving Andrew's Flat Stanley. You took Flat Stanley to so many unique places in Vietnam and Cambodia. It was neat to share the pictures with the kids. Thanks for hosting Flat Stanley! Take care :)

  6. Hi Mrs. Minnis! It was my pleasure for hosting Flat Stanley :) Glad that the kids could enjoying his story.. Send my regards to them :)


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