Christmas Cupcakes!

Christmas is time to share! And in this Christmas season, I got a chance to share my time with 2 beautiful girls.. Dhika (9 y.o) and Clarissa (6 y.o).. They came to my house last Saturday (December 17, 2011) and I taught them how to make cupcakes! We were so excited and they really did a good job, I’m so proud of them :)

We made Christmas Cupcakes from Tiana’s Special Cupcakes recipe (click HERE). Before we started, I explained to them all the ingredients that we’d use to make cupcakes. The first thing that we made was the frosting. We used food coloring: pink and green. And when we mixed those colors, it turned to purple. The girls were so amazed when they mixed the cream with those food coloring. “Wooww!! How nicee..!!” they said.

After making the frosting, we started making the batter for the cake. They learned how to measure the sugar, flour, butter.. how to use the mixer.. and how to crack the eggs! So impressive! :D

After that, they filled the paper liners with batter and put it into the oven. Dhika did it very well. I didn’t allow Clarissa to do that because the oven was so hot and would be dangerous for her.. Maybe 2 or 3 more years I’ll allow her ;)

The last thing we did and this was their favorite thing to do (I think!) was decorating the cupcakes! I was so amazed with their skill and their creativity.. They looked so professional! Haha.. I can’t explain in words, just look at these pictures and you will know:

After finished, we were so tired but very happy and satisfied.. We made 14 cupcakes, so they took it home, 7 for each.. I’m glad that their families also enjoyed their home-made cupcakes.. Good job, girls! Good team work!

Thanks Dhika and Clarissa for making my Christmas time this year becomes more colorful.. There’s such a big JOY in giving and seeing their big smiles!! =)

And thanks AW (Andy Widjaya) for taking those pictures.. You’re the best! (^____^)



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