My 25th Bday!!

March 9th, 2011...

It was my first time celebrating birthday in another country,
far from my family and friends in Indonesia...
But it was really fun!
I got 4 Bday surprises this year from
my new family and friends in United States! :)

The 1st Bday Surprise came from LifeBridge Community Church:

...with a very beautiful cake...

@ New Grounds Cafe...

The 2nd one came from Amanda & Brittany!
They are my new friends from LifeBridge young adults group :)

...that's so sweet...

Angel food cake! Yummy... (^^')~

Love you, girls!!

Okay... and the 3rd Surprise came from my host family
(Ben, Becca, Ezra & Juni)

My host mom made this bag! So special...
And look what the kids made for me! Love it! ^^

And the last one (the 4th) came from LifeBridge youth group...

..They decorated the youth room..

Turtle cake (I mean bread...) made by Ashley ;)

...a lot of gifts and cards...

...and my new friend from Jason & Kayla! lol

Thank you so much for all your LOVE...
My 25th Bday was really special because of YOU!!
♥ ♥ ♥


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