I’m a Homemaker :)

Not many people know, but actually I had been busy trying to get a part time job in the last few months.. The main reason was of course to get more income, but I also thought “hmm.. maybe I need to do something else outside of my home..” šŸ¤”

My husband didn’t mind with that idea.. I also got phone calls from some of them.. But I always prayed: if it’s God’s will, please open the door.. but if it’s not, please close the door.. And I think you know what happened next.. Yes, God answered my prayer! And He closed all the doors! Hahaha.. šŸ˜‚

One of them actually already told me to start working at their place and I already got everything ready for that.. but suddenly they didn’t contact me anymore.. and when I asked them, they said sorry, they rejected my application.. wow.. but honestly, I felt so happy and relieved when I got that message, because I know that it’s God’s will for me :)

So after that, after I received so many signs from God (haha..) I totally stopped looking for jobs.. I want to trust God with our financial.. I know that God (and my husband) are our providers.. and I want to learn to be content with my role right now, as a Homemaker :)

God wants me to focus on my calling and my role to be at home.. and I don’t need to find something else to do outside of my home to make me feel more or to make me feel better.. ♥️

What is homemaker?

A homemaker is someone who spends a lot of time looking after their home and family. You usually use homemaker to refer to someone who does not have a job outside the home.

A person who spends their time looking after a home and doing housework rather than being employed outside the home (typically applied to a woman).

And you can search more about it on Google, haha.. Similar with a “housewife” or a “stay at home mom”.. and yes, that’s my job right now šŸ˜

Thank You, God for closing the doors and for showing me your will.. I’m thankful for this special calling in my life.. I want to enjoy it, I want to do my best, I want to upgrade myself everyday, I want to open my heart to learn new things and new skills (even I don’t get paid for doing this, haha..) I want to be a Homemaker for the glory of God! šŸ™šŸ»


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