I’m a Homemaker :)

Not many people know, but actually I had been busy trying to get a part time job in the last few months.. The main reason was of course to get more income, but I also thought “hmm.. maybe I need to do something else outside of my home..” 🤔

My husband didn’t mind with that idea.. I also got phone calls from some of them.. But I always prayed: if it’s God’s will, please open the door.. but if it’s not, please close the door.. And I think you know what happened next.. Yes, God answered my prayer! And He closed all the doors! Hahaha.. 😂

One of them actually already told me to start working at their place and I already got everything ready for that.. but suddenly they didn’t contact me anymore.. and when I asked them, they said sorry, they rejected my application.. wow.. but honestly, I felt so happy and relieved when I got that message, because I know that it’s God’s will for me :)

So after that, after I received so many signs from God (haha..) I totally stopped looking for jobs.. I want to trust God with our financial.. I know that God (and my husband) are our providers.. and I want to learn to be content with my role right now, as a Homemaker :)

God wants me to focus on my calling and my role to be at home.. and I don’t need to find something else to do outside of my home to make me feel more or to make me feel better.. ♥️

What is homemaker?

A homemaker is someone who spends a lot of time looking after their home and family. You usually use homemaker to refer to someone who does not have a job outside the home.

A person who spends their time looking after a home and doing housework rather than being employed outside the home (typically applied to a woman).

And you can search more about it on Google, haha.. Similar with a “housewife” or a “stay at home mom”.. and yes, that’s my job right now 😁

Thank You, God for closing the doors and for showing me your will.. I’m thankful for this special calling in my life.. I want to enjoy it, I want to do my best, I want to upgrade myself everyday, I want to open my heart to learn new things and new skills (even I don’t get paid for doing this, haha..) I want to be a Homemaker for the glory of God! 🙏🏻

God’s Will or My Will?

“I want to travel all over the world and become a full time missionary!”

Yes, that’s my dream when I was young. I love traveling. I love serving God in a mission field. I also met my husband in a mission trip. Everything seems goes in line with my dream.

Now I’m 37, I become a stay at home mom and homeschool mom of 3 boys. Despite all the challenges, I love being a mom. But honestly sometimes there is a question in my heart, “Why am I here, Lord? Why my life now is so different?”

Changing nappies, nursing and feeding the kids, juggling with so many house chores, dealing with kids tantrums or fights, doing the same things and same activities day after day.. I thought I’d be like those missionaries who travel to so many places and serve many people.. Why, Lord? Why?

God finally answered my question in a very unique way. He spoke to me through someone’s posting in social media. This lady also has the same experience and she used to ask God the same questions. Through her posting, God really spoke to me:

“Is it your will or My will?”

“Is it your dream or My dream?”

Wow! That really made me thinking and also crying. I didn’t realise that this is what God wants me to do, this is His dream and His calling for my life: to do His mission work in my home. He wants me to follow His will and His plan, not mine. He wants me to be faithful in this ministry called motherhood. He wants me to learn to be faithful in small things every single day and to do all the unseen things with all my heart. He wants me to do everything as doing it for the Lord!

No matter where we are right now, whether we are in a mission field or in a working place or even at home, we can still serve God! Don’t be discouraged and disappointed when we don’t get the life that we expected.. but let’s follow God’s will, God’s plan and God’s dream for us, and live it to the fullest!

Now I’m grateful and thankful for God’s special calling for my life, to be a wife to an amazing husband and also to be a mother to my 3 wonderful boys. Now I believe that God’s will is always better than my will.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah‬ ‭29‬:‭11‬

My Life as a Homeschool Mom of 3

Hello everyone, I’m back! 😄 Since 2021 until now, I tried to reduce my social media time so I can get less distractions and focus more on my daily life because honestly being a homeschool mom of 3 is very BUSY! Haha.. Glenn is 7 yo now, Joel is 4 yo and Levi is 18 months..

Being a homeschool mom is actually not easy and I realised that I can’t do this by myself.. I need help and I need support.. First of course from God (because He is the One that called me to do this) but I also need help and support from other people.. Next is from my husband.. thankful because he is a good cook so he can help me in that area and now we also do 1 of the homeschooling days on weekends (either Saturdays/Sundays) when my husband is home, so he can help out on that day :)

Another big help is.. since last month, we started to send Glenn & Joel to a daycare once a week.. They used to attend this daycare (that ran by an Indonesian lady) when I was sick during my pregnancy with Levi, so they already know her very well.. So at least every once a week, I can have a bit of break (and the kids also can have a break from me, haha..) I can spend more time with Levi, have time to finish all the unfinished chores and hopefully I also can have more time to do the things that I love (writing a blog is one of them!) So I think it’s been a good decision to send them to daycare.. good for my mental health as well :)

So yes.. it’s very important for us to ask for help.. we can’t do this life alone.. there is no wonder women or super moms.. so don’t feel bad to reach out for help and to think about ourselves (moms need a break and to be recharged too!)

And when you read this post, please also keep me in your prayers.. I need help and I need support from you all to be a Godly homeschool mom for my 3 boys.. There are so many ups and downs.. I’ve failed many times and done so many mistakes.. There are times when I feel like I want to give up, I want to find a job and just send all of them to school.. and I have experienced all other homeschool mom’s guilts and problems, haha.. It’s not easy.. But I know this is God’s calling for me and I know He will enable me to do this.. Amen! 🙏🏻♥️

(Our last family photo by AW in March 2023)

Baby L 💙

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not being active here anymore, but you can follow my Instagram (@dm.cella) or Facebook (Marcella Flaorenzia) for more updates 😊

Today I just want to share about my latest pregnancy journey (yes we are expecting another baby at the moment and will be due soon in November) 🤗

I found out that I’m pregnant in March, not long after my first skydiving experience (oops.. 🤭) and I told my husband that I had a late birthday present for him and it was a big surprise for him, haha..

And same as my previous pregnancies, this is also not an easy journey, especially in the first few months.. I also experienced HG pregnancy (severe sickness) and had to bedrest for few months 🤢 Went to emergency few times and the hardest thing was we couldn’t get any help from our family this time because of pandemic (covid-19) so people couldn’t travel overseas.. We were so stressful, especially to get help for the kids.. But finally God opened the way, we decided to put kids in the daycare 3 days a week and it really helped me to be able to have a rest..

I’m feeling so much better now.. Glenn is no longer in a daycare, but Joel still there because I’m still not 100% strong enough to take care both of them.. But it’s only few more weeks to go.. I’m in week 31 now.. Can’t wait for November! 😁

This time I also diagnosed with gestational diabetes.. a bit shocked at first.. I need to do blood sugar test everyday (4x a day), but thanks God everything is maintained well so far ♥️

Here are some USG pictures of Baby L and yes it’s another BOY! I’ve got his name before I was pregnant, so when we found out its gender, we started to call him with his name straight away 😁

We are so excited and can’t wait to meet Baby L soon.. and can’t wait to be a family of 5 ♥️ Please pray for us, for smooth delivery and recovery, especially without my parents around this time.. And for God’s protection for us, especially from covid.. Thank you 🙏🏻 

Joel’s Birth Story

Akhirnya yang ditunggu-tunggu lahir juga, hehe.. Buat yang ngikutin my Instagram Story pasti tau kalo kami udah nungguin Baby J lahir dari sejak week 37 (karena dulu Glenn week 38 udah lahir), jadi dikirain kali ini bakalan lebih early.. eh ternyata Baby J lahir di week 39 day 6 (1 hari sebelum due date) haha.. and sempet berasa deg-degan juga pas udah mulai mendekati due date tapi belom ada tanda-tanda mau lahiran sama sekali.. udah takut bakalan disuruh induksi, karena pengen bisa lahiran secara natural aja..

Tiap hari udah exercise di birthing ball, banyak jalan, minum raspberry leaf tea, makan buah kurma, foot massage and banyak ikutin tips-tips buat natural birth pokoknya, hehe..

Udah lewatin Natal, Tahun Baru, belom ada tanda-tanda juga.. tapi dari situ jadi belajar buat sabar dalam menunggu janji Tuhan dan timing Tuhan :)

Sampe akhirnya..

Hari Selasa malem, 8 Jan 2019, tiba-tiba si Glenn minta tidur pagian.. aneh banget karena biasanya gak pernah minta bobo, selalu maunya maen, haha.. Sebelum boboin Glenn, sekitar jam 8 malem, aku sempet ke toilet dulu, and kaget ternyata keluar mucus plug (salah satu tanda udah mau lahiran - buat yang gak tau bisa search di google). Aku langsung kasih tau si DM, and langsung buru-buru tidurin si Glenn..

After Glenn bobo, beneran deh, air ketuban mulai keluar.. Hampir sama kejadiannya kayak birth story Glenn, cuma beda waktunya aja, and kali ini prosesnya lebih cepet, and kami bisa lebih nyantai, gak panik, hihi..

DM langsung telp RS.. aku siap-siap dulu.. masih bisa mandi, makan, beresin barang-barang.. abis itu baru ke RS.. My parent stayed di rumah buat jagain si Glenn.. Saat itu udah mulai berasa ada kontraksi, tapi masih jarang-jarang..

Sampe di RS sekitar jam 11 malem.. pas turun dari mobil, air ketuban keluar banyak banget sampe semua celana and sandal aku basah semua, wkwkwk.. Dicek di RS, kondisi Baby J masih oke.. jadi disuruh pulang lagi and nunggu sampe kontraksinya tambah kenceng baru balik lagi.. kalo belom kontraksi juga sampe besok pagi, ada kemungkinan bakal diinduksi..

Akhirnya kami balik dulu ke rumah.. but aku udah ada feeling kalo proses lahirannya bakalan cepet nih.. si DM sih masih sempet tuh tiduran dulu di rumah (ini kehebatan orang stabil, hahaha..) Sedangkan aku udah gak bisa tidur.. Berasa kontraksi juga makin sering.. aku terus hitungin pake app di HP yang buat itungin waktu kontraksi..

Sekitar jam 3 pagi, aku udah gak tahan.. kontraksinya udah sekitar 5-6 menit sekali.. langsung bangunin DM minta ke RS secepetnya.. TAPI.. gak bisa berangkat karena tiba-tiba si Glenn kebangun! Oh noo.. udah berusaha supaya my parents yg bobo di sebelah dia, tapi dia gak mau and nangis terus.. Dia nyariin kami.. si DM berusaha boboin dia lagi, but aku udah bener-bener gak tahan.. Akhirnya aku suruh si DM bawa aja si Glenn ke mobil.. my parents semua juga ikut ke mobil.. rame and seru deh, jam 3 pagi semuanya ke RS.. hahaha..

Aku sama DM yang turun ke RS.. My parents berusaha tidurin si Glenn di mobil (Thanks God dia bisa bobo dengan tenang di mobil sampe pagi, hehe..)

Sampe di RS, aku udah berasa Baby J udah mo keluar.. Midwife nya juga bilang kalo udah berasa mau push, langsung push aja.. Perjuangan banget buat push si baby.. Kali ini lebih gede baby nya, hehe.. Terakhir-terakhir berasa udah gak ada tenaga and kecapean banget.. rasanya udah pengen minta alat bantuan macem-macem, wkwkwk.. but si DM and midwife nya support terus..

Akhirnya Baby J keluar juga jam 5:39 pagi, hari Rabu, 9 Jan 2019 :) Seneng and lega banget rasanya, hehe.. Seneng juga karena kali ini gak perlu pake forcep (dulu Glenn harus ditarik keluar pake forcep yang bikin jaitan aku lumayan parah)..

Abis keluar, Baby J langsung ditempelin ke badan aku and dia langsung nyusu.. Sama kayak Glenn, Baby J juga langsung jago breastfeeding nya.. makanya langsung keluar banyak nih ASI nya :)

Setelah semua settle, DM ke mobil buat ngecek Glenn and my parents.. Ternyata Glenn masih bobo.. Good brother banget sampe ikut nungguin dedenya lahiran di RS, haha.. And pas dia udah bangun, dia langsung turun and masuk ke ruang bersalin buat ketemu Baby J :)

Glenn sayang banget sama Baby J.. di hug, di kiss, digendong, di sayang-sayang.. Tiap kali Baby J nangis, dia juga langsung nyamperin.. Baby J juga bisa langsung calm down :)

Besoknya, hari ke-2 di RS, waktunya buat pertama kali mandiin Baby J.. and tiba-tiba mereka minta buat dijadiin contoh di parental class yang buat first time parents to be gitu.. hehe.. and of course Daddy DM yang mandiin :)

Hari ke-3, Baby J udah boleh pulang ke rumah.. Yay! Hari ini juga tadi baru dicek lagi, berat badan Baby J udah naek :)

Ngurus anak ke-2 memang berasa jauh lebih gampang.. but tetep aja harus begadang lagi and kurang tidur lagi, haha.. and harus bisa bagi waktu bareng Glenn juga.. Pelan-pelan udah mulai bisa adaptasi sih sama rutinitas yang baru :)

So kira-kira gitu deh kisah kelahiran Baby J..

And please welcome our Baby J:

Werribee Mercy Hospital
9th January 2019
5:39 AM
3.01 kg / 50 cm

Thank you all for your wishes, support and prayer! 💙

Joel 2:32 - "And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the LORD will be delivered."

JOEL means "Yahweh is God", "The Lord is God." We pray so that God will use his life to declare God's name to many people and many nations. Amen 🙏

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