Baby J 💙

Wow! It’s been a while I haven’t touched my blog.. Maybe because it’s much easier to share something through Instagram or Facebook these days, haha.. 😄

So last May, we found out that we’re expecting another miracle :) DM and I have planned and talked about it before, that we wanted to have another baby after Glenn turns 2 years old.. and yes, God gave us on a perfect timing!

First test
First test (7th May 2018)

Second test (14th May 2018)

We’re so excited about this!! But as you know, my pregnancy journey is always challenging. I experience what is called HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) in both of my pregnancies so far, and it’s been really hard for me, and also for my family of course.. I’ve been to hospital (emergency) many times to get the drips and injections.. It’s been a really hard times, especially with the little one (Glenn) at home..

So we decided to ask help from mom in law in Indonesia to come here to help us, especially to take care of Glenn and to do some cooking as well.. It’s been such a blessing! Also grateful for Glenn that is so independent and can get along really well with grandma.. so I can have a lot of rest and I feel so much better now :)

Last week I had a 20-weeks scan.. The baby is healthy, active and perfect.. and we found out the baby’s gender as well :)

We also have prepared his name since the earlier scan.. DM already had a feeling that it’s gonna be another boy, because the baby is so active, haha.. So let’s call him Baby J :)

Baby J is due on early January 2019.. but he can be born anytime at the end of December.. so will he be a Christmas baby or a New Year baby? Only God knows! 😁

Big Brother to be!

We also keep telling Glenn about the baby. He likes to touch my belly, and says “baby”. And now he also can say, “baby boy”. But when we ask him to say the baby’s name, he doesn’t want. Why? Because he already chose another name for the baby.. He keeps insisting that the baby’s name is “Banana!” “Banana!” Oh boy.. 😅

Never mind.. Glenn loves banana so much.. maybe that means he will also love his baby brother so much.. 🤣

Anyway, we can’t wait to meet you, baby J! Still few more months to go.. and we will keep continually pray for you.. Be healthy.. Be strong.. and be a good boy.. 😎

We love you even before we met you! 💙

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