Baby L 💙

Hello everyone!

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Today I just want to share about my latest pregnancy journey (yes we are expecting another baby at the moment and will be due soon in November) 🤗

I found out that I’m pregnant in March, not long after my first skydiving experience (oops.. 🤭) and I told my husband that I had a late birthday present for him and it was a big surprise for him, haha..

And same as my previous pregnancies, this is also not an easy journey, especially in the first few months.. I also experienced HG pregnancy (severe sickness) and had to bedrest for few months 🤢 Went to emergency few times and the hardest thing was we couldn’t get any help from our family this time because of pandemic (covid-19) so people couldn’t travel overseas.. We were so stressful, especially to get help for the kids.. But finally God opened the way, we decided to put kids in the daycare 3 days a week and it really helped me to be able to have a rest..

I’m feeling so much better now.. Glenn is no longer in a daycare, but Joel still there because I’m still not 100% strong enough to take care both of them.. But it’s only few more weeks to go.. I’m in week 31 now.. Can’t wait for November! 😁

This time I also diagnosed with gestational diabetes.. a bit shocked at first.. I need to do blood sugar test everyday (4x a day), but thanks God everything is maintained well so far ♥️

Here are some USG pictures of Baby L and yes it’s another BOY! I’ve got his name before I was pregnant, so when we found out its gender, we started to call him with his name straight away 😁

We are so excited and can’t wait to meet Baby L soon.. and can’t wait to be a family of 5 ♥️ Please pray for us, for smooth delivery and recovery, especially without my parents around this time.. And for God’s protection for us, especially from covid.. Thank you 🙏🏻 


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